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Purpose of the Course

The purpose of this course is to provide systematic training in counselling theory and practice at a level that will prepare participants to counsel in a variety of settings and to use various counselling approaches.
Participants will become acquainted with different theoretical models of counselling and their applications, and will have the opportunity to use different theoretical models under supervision.
The philosophical orientation of the course is based on a holistic view of the person, physical, philosophical, social, emotional and spiritual.  The view of human nature is positive and appreciates that humans have an inclination to become fully functioning.
The course relies heavily on the philosophy and practise of the Rogerian, non directive, client centred approach, but not exclusively so.
In addition to an in-depth study of the theory and practise of the Rogerian approach, the course’s eclectic orientation includes the Psychoanalytic, Existential, Gestalt, Reality Therapy, Rational Emotive and Cognitive Therapy approaches.

The rationale of the course is to help participants prepare for counselling through comprehensive study of the theory and practice of counselling and developmental psychology and acquisition of personal insights and skills that will help them engage in a caring empathic relationship with their future clients in such a way that will facilitate the client’s recognition of his/her dignity, beauty and value.

Has been accredited by Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI)
and by
The National Association of Pastoral Counselling  & Psychotherapy (NAPCP).

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